Nuclear Medicine

PET/CT - Refurbished PET/CT

Mini Cyclotron -
ABT Molecular Imaging, Inc.

Cyclotron - ACSI Advanced
Cyclotron Systems, Inc.

Nuclear Medicine Accessories

Nuclear Medicine Software -
MIM Software, Inc.

Intra-operative PET - Lightpoint Medical

Oncology Treatment Solutions

Radioguided Surgery -
SurgicEye GmbH

GammaPod™: Stereotactic
- Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer

Robotic HIFU - Theraclion

Hyperthermia - Alba

Radiation Therapy - Coline 6 - UJP/HITEC Systems

Intraoperative Radiotherapy
– CarlZeiss

RT Accessories - Unger
Medizintechnik GmbH

Contouring & Reviewing Software - MIM Software, Inc.

Turn-Key Solutions

PET/CT Center

Radiation Therapy Center

Oncology Center

Pre-Clinical Imaging

MSOT - iThera Medical


Consultancy Service


Market Strategy for Medtech Companies:

"Connecting innovative medical technologies to emerging markets”

OncoMed-Solutions will help identify markets interested in your technology, and then work with you to make them a reality. We will identify potential opportunities within our relationships to complete contractual negotiations with customers and business partners and guide you along the path to successful implementation of your technology. OncoMed-Solutions has supported numerous clients with many different measures to prepare for a structured and efficient growth path.

Clinical Guidance and Training for Hospitals and Clinicians:

"Never before have so many innovative technologies been available, but how to identify where they are valuable and can be readily implemented?" Our experienced and recognised consultants are able to support you in all fields of cancer treatment and diagnostics."


  • Educational training in nuclear medicine and radiation therapy
  • Workflow optimization with external specialists
  • Clinical training nuclear medicine and radiation therapy


  • Service training for in-house engineers (hospital enginees)
  • Testing and commissioning of new system
  • Tender support
  • Project Management and Support (turnkey)