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Cooperation with the Medical University of Graz

18 January 2022 to 18 January 2022

New Installation at Fraunhofer Institute in Halle, Germany

22 December 2021 to 22 December 2021

New Partner in Pre-Clinical Imaging

15 November 2021 to 15 November 2021

Partnership with TriFoil Imaging

5 October 2021 to 5 October 2021

New Optical Imaging System in Denmark

12 February 2021 to 12 February 2021

Fraunhofer Institute acquires new Optical Imaging System from Spectral Instruments Imaging, Inc.

9 December 2020 to 9 December 2020

First Installation of new Optical Imaging System

3 November 2020 to 3 November 2020

New partner for AI in Radiation Therapy - MVision

3 November 2020 to 3 November 2020

PET/CT/SPECT in Austria

21 June 2019 to 21 June 2019

OncoMed-Solutions and ZAP Surgical Systems sign distribution agreement

30 September 2018 to 30 September 2018

Partnership with TriFoil Imaging

5 October 2021

We are proud to announce that we extend our product range in the pre-clinical imaging field and we became the exclusive distributor for TriFoil Imaging, Inc. for the territory of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

TriFoil Imaging offers the InSyTe FLECT/CT, a preclinical multi-modality imaging platform that combines the strengths of optical imaging in the form of fluorescence tomography with X-ray CT. The InSyTe FLECT/CT acquires both CT and fluorescence data in full 360°, an industry-first, for complete angle 3D tomographic imaging.