Consultancy Service

Our consultants have had long and successful careers in the medical device industry covering all of the main functional areas.



Our consultants have immense experience of presenting business cases in a succinct and compelling manner that attracts the attention of busy investors and other important stakeholders. We can collate and present information you already have and where necessary fill gaps that remain.


We provide full consultancy support for the development and implementation of your market access strategy. We combine an understanding of the global pricing and reimbursement systems with access to players, clinicials and patients for medical device products, at all stages of development and in all key geographic markets.


We can evaluate market opportunities using both primary and secondary data. We use our extensive international network of clinicians, procurement managers and other healt care professionals to indetify an appropriate cohort interviewees and then ask the right questions to accurately assess and analyse opportunity.


Healthcare agencies are demanding economic analyses of the cost/benefit and budgetary impact of new medical devices. Safety nad efficacy studies are no longer sufficient for optimal market access, so our consultants provide the information and insight necessary to address these isues.


Technology moves on fast in the medical device industry and it is crucial that senior management keep place with development and understand the potencial impact on the competitiveness of their business. We have medical device consultants in all of the key technology areas and can advise on how emerging technology developments are likely to influence the dynamics of cliens' markets.


Our consultants keep a watching brief on all of the medtech sectors and can keep senior management abreast of where the main competitor threats lie.

Please contact us if you require consultancy support on any aspect of developing and taking medical device products and technologies through to market. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs in a confidential manner and propose ways in which we could work together to provide you with the best possible solution.